The Joy Of My Life

     The desire to paint has been with me my whole life.  The love of color and the blending of different hues excite me.The challenge is to see the subtle differences in color in an object or subject.  To push the color to enhance it, to excite it, thrills me.  To see what I have done and wonder how I did it amazes me. The pleasure to finally find myself and to express it in my art gives me the greatest joy of my life.  The whole world fades away, and I am wonderfully lost in time.  It is my hope that you share the excitement in my paintings and enjoy how I express myself in art.  Perhaps Robert Henri, the famous art teacher and author of The Art Spirit, said it best, and I agree, “When the brush touches the surface, the soul speaks.” Joan Skiver-Levy




Flower Flower Abstract,

Flower Abstract, mixed medium, finished size 15x18 - 3 inch white mat white metal frame $400.00

Kohava’s Flower

Kohava’s Flower, mixed medium,
finished size 15x18 - 3 inch white mat white metal frame $400.00


Mixed peppers, mixed medium, finished size 28x36- 3 inch white mat white metal frame $2,800.00

Peony, mixed medium

finished size 28x36- 3 inch white mat white metal frame $2,800.00

Starburst, Pastels

15x18 3 inch white mat white metal frame $400.00

Turnips, mixed medium

Finished size 28x36- 3 inch white mat white metal frame $2,800.00

Yellow Onions

Acrylic, finished size 28x36 - 3 inch white mat white metal frame $2,800.00

Off The Deep IN

Acrylic, finished size 28x36 - 3 inch white mat white metal frame $2,800.00

Be My Lily

Acrylic, finished size 21x23, 3 inch white mat, white metal frame $900.00

  Turning Peppers   $1.700.00

        PRIZE WINNING Watercolor Medium Finished
Size 22 x 28 Matted In Pure White With White Metal Frame.

Rocks and Boards  $1,200.00

Acrylic  Medium Finished Size 20 x 24 Matted in pure white with
White metal frame and Plexiglas Ready to hang

Trees  $850.00


Watercolor Medium Framed and finished
size 11 x 14 Matted in pure white with White frame and Plexiglas.


The desert calls me Deep inside my soul

Cactus standing tall
Like lonely men on guard

Visions of Indians
In my make believe mind

Thoughts of wagon trains
On their difficult journey

Sun appearing through
All times all days

Winds blow the tumbleweeds
In a crazy dance

Mountains in the distance
Rise in majestic grandeur

The sun fades into a
Burst of glorious flame

Have I been here before?
In another life?

Was I Indian or pioneer?
Or a spirit in the wind?

The desert calls me
Deep inside my soul

Joan Skiver- Levy

     Oranges   $850.00

Watercolor Medium Framed and Finished
Size 16 x 20 Matted in pure white with White frame and Plexiglass.

Pretty Flowers  Sold

Pretty Flowers 
11 x 14
Watercolor Medium
Matted in pure white with
White frame and Plexiglas.
Ready to hang
$250.00 Sold

     Green Pears  $1,700.00

  22 x 28 Watercolor Medium Matted In Pure White With White Fame And Plexiglass.

Blue Berries $850.00 SOLD

 Oil Medium

Basket of Peaches $2,500.00

 45" x 30 " Oil Medium On Masonite


Ready to grab life
With both hands

Exciting days
In front of me

Precious time
Numbered days

To soar to do
What I want

No role model
Free to be me

Joy of my days
Time well spent

Who am I?
That’s my goal

Interesting search
Finding me

Discovering finally
I am good enough

Joan Skiver- Levy

     RED ONIONS $1,900.00

ACRYLIC Finished Size 21 X 26 Framed in very white mat and white metal frame with plexiglass.

PAPER BAGS 1 $200.00

Finished size 16 x 20
Framed in black mat and black
metal frame
with plexiglass

PAPER BAGS 2 $200.00

Finished size 16 x 20
Framed in black mat and black
metal frame
with plexiglass

              AUTUMN JOY $2000.00

Oil Medium - Palette Knife Framed Size 29 X 35 Winner of Best of Show. Oil Pallet knife painting. Glorious fall scene with water and trees. My favorite time of the year. My art professor said this looked like it was done by a wild fauve. Sometime I get a little wild and I love it. Free and easy painting for me. Not a care in the world when I paint. Wonderfully lost time.

Not For Sale

Study Copy of Original
Oil Medium
Framed Size is 28 x 32

           Le Pepper $2,000.00

          Oil Medium Framed Size 15x19  PRIZE WINNING AND AWARD WINNING

Rocks and Boards 2 $1,800.00

Acrylic Medium
Finished Framed Size  is 24 x 30
Ready to hang


The journey of life is a
Doubtful frustrating mystery

Where am I going?
To what end?

Another lesson to learn?
Day after day

Year after year
Perhaps eons after eons

Sometimes lonely and sad
Stumbling on my way

I am like a seeker
A searcher of the unknown

Is this journey here and now
All that matters?

Is it getting to the end
Knowing I’ve done well?

Or will I look back
And be ashamed of my life?

Is loving the only concept to learn?
Easy to say hard to do

Many are unlovable
Many are unable to love

So sad to miss the joy of loving
To stay safe and never dare

What a waste on our journey of life
To perhaps learn that love is all that matters

Joan Skiver- Levy





Dancing Apples $1,700.00

Medium Watercolor
Ready to hang
Matted in very white, white
metal frame and plexiglass

       Left Over Paint $500.00

Oil--Pallett Knife Framed Finished size is 16 x 18 Ready to hang

Outer Space Blue Berries $2000.00

Framed Finished Size is 22 x 28
Ready to hang
Matted in very white with
White frame and Glass.

Daisy Cat Not For Sale

Watercolor Framed Finished Size Is 9"x 9"  Matted In Very White With White Frame And Plexiglass.

Mums $2000.00

Oil Pallet Knife 29 x 36 Ready To Hang

      Space Berries $500.00

Oil Medium Finished size 16 x 20 Ready To Hang

Three Trees $900.00

Oil Medium - Pallet Knife
Finished size 24 x 27
Ready to hang

SOLD $0.00








What is happiness?
We all have our own dream

Finding someone to love?
To share your life

Living sorrow and joy
That makes up our existence

Perhaps share the lessons
In our children’s lives

I think not I hope not
Happiness is elusive

We look in the wrong places
Maybe we should look inside

To understand the truly marvelous
Unlimited boundaries of the mind

Everything is there that is needed
A wellspring for the taking

The spirit inside
Knowledge beauty talent

Flowing in and out
Waiting to be discovered

Look inside
You will be astounded

All within your reach
Not somewhere else

Deep in side you
Is all you will ever need.

Joan Skiver-Levy

Newly created from our Midwest Fall Pepper Harvest

August 29, 2006

These painting are a result of my visits to our local farmers markets in Southern Illinois. The gorgeous fall crop of bell peppers particular entranced me and I just had to do several paintings and get lost in their beauty. I took the finished paintings back to the farmers so they could see how I interpreted their crops in paint. They all seemed delighted and told me to come back when ever I wanted. I made many good friends there.

Joan Skiver-Levy

Original Art. Capturing the Midwest fall harvest of
wonderful bell peppers.

Beautiful Beautiful Bell Peppers 1
Finished Size 21 X 26 Framed in very white mat and white metal frame
with plexiglass
  $1700.00 SOLD

Beautiful Beautiful Bell Peppers 2
Finished Size 21 X 26 Framed in very white mat and white metal frame
with plexiglass
  $1700.00 SOLD
Limited Giclee Prints available @
$500.00 each of this painting

Beautiful Beautiful Bell Peppers 3
Finished Size 21 X 26 Framed in very white mat and white metal frame
with plexiglass


Beautiful Beautiful Bell Peppers 4
Finished Size 21 X 26 Framed in very white mat and white metal frame
with plexiglass


Another pepper painting from Midwest Harvest.

Green Bell Peppers
Watercolor painting is matted and framed in very white mental frame.
Finished Size 21 X 26


We Hurt
Then help

We are blissful
Reversing to pain

We love
Only to hate

Powerful master
To weak slave

We attract
Only to push away

Will He
Won’t she



Human Behavior

Joan Skiver-Levy

            Green Pears $1900.00

Acrylic Pallet Knife Finished Size 19 x 24 As Framed

Green Serenity $1,500.00

Oil Finished Size 23 x 27 As Framed


I waited so long
I thought it would never end

I don’t care anymore
It’s finally done

No more tears
My love is gone

He is not much
I wonder what I saw

I guess I did not
Really see at all

I was blinded by my grief
Not thinking clear

The lessons learned
Take care of me

Love myself first
I am important

No abuse for me
I am special

The pain is over for me
His will never end

History repeats itself
And he never learns

He is the loser not me
Nothing to retrieve for me

I have not lost a thing

Love, its over
Joan Skiver-Levy

       Shades of Van Gogh $1,300.00

Oil - Pallet knife Finished Size 20 x 28 1st Place Winner



Women Beware

So dark are his thoughts
Planning his attack

Dominate and destroy
That’s his game

A predator on the prowl
Seeking the next victim

Split personality
Lamb to jackal

Weaving his troubled thoughts
To get even with another one

Warped patterns in his life
And blind in many ways

No love in his heart
A troubled soul

An empty shell
No peace for him

What harm he does
Hurting countless others

Perhaps he’ll pay
For his many deeds

Beware Women
For here he comes

Trying to get
Another one

Joan Skiver-Levy

Still Life in Pastels #1
Finished size 24 X 30
Framed in black mat and black
metal frame with plexiglass
See terms on Page 1

Still Life in Pastels #2
Finished size 24 X 30
Framed in black mat and black
metal frame with plexiglass

Young Man
9 x 12
Framed in black/white mat and
Silver metal frame with plexiglass


Young Man
Framed in black/white mat and
Silver metal frame with plexiglass

Oil On Paper
16 x16
Framed in black mat and black
metal frame with plexiglass

Still Life
Oil On Paper
16 x16
Framed in black mat and black
metal frame with plexiglass

   Self Portrait Minus 30 Years and 9 Operations Acrylic Not For Sale

Joy or Sorrow?

We make up our own life
By the choices we take

Are they happy choices?
For others or ourselves?

Should we love what we do?
Do we have commitment?

To ourselves or to others?
What do we owe ourselves?

Love, integrity, productivity?
Inquisitiveness about life?

Discovering our talents?
Teaching and sharing?

How do we treat ourselves?
Are we proud of ourselves?

Do we really listen when others talk?
Do we really listen with our brain?

Or do we choose to hear?
Just certain things?

Are we awake to the joy in life?
Or are we putting ourselves in sorrow?

Do we have choices to make?
Do we let others choose for us?

What choice will you make?
Joy or Sorrow?

Joan Skiver-Levy


.....Biography of Joan Skiver-Levy

Joan Skiver-Levy is a 73 year old award winning artist of West Frankfort, Illinois and is a native Southern Illinoisan who has returned home after many years in the Chicago area. She found her considerable artistic talents after she brought up her family. From the time she was a little girl she wanted to be an artist. Joan is now living her dream. She lately has become a poet and a vocalist and sings love songs or jazz at her local coffee house every Friday at lunch time. Finally, at this age realizes that artistic abilities cross over into many aspects of life. She is considered an excellent cook, baker and seamstress. It is her belief that the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves. Joan says much of women’s lives have been spent taking care of others, from mates to children to parents and many women never had the opportunity to discover these gift as they put every one else first. She is willing to make a fool of herself to discover things about her, life, and its many wonders. Joan works to leave this world a better place to live in and invites you to do the same. She works to leave some thing behind. Her thoughts are, when we are all gone all that will be left behind of our time is the visual arts, music and writing that we now do. Joan gives you this challenge. You discover your hidden talents and abilities no matter what your age, as we all have some.

Education: Class, 2 years with Artist Helen Van Tempera, Northbrook, Illinois. Class, 3 years with Professor Michael Elvestrom, former Art Chairman. Class, 1 year, with Julia Pfeiffer, Art Chairman, both of Southeastern Illinois College, Harrisburg, Illinois, Class, 1 year, Rend Lake College, Ina, Illinois. Class 2 years, study with Rene Mavigliano, John A. Logan, Carterville, Illinois. Several times Joan attended art camp at the Southern Illinois Art Workshops, Inc. De Bois, Illinois and Pinckneyville, Illinois. She credits Michael Elvestrom for suggesting and encouraging her to paint larger than life. She feels it was a big step into a wonderful art experience and she continues to enjoy painting large very much. She presented a large painting measuring 6’ x 8’ titled “The Late Great Planet Grapes” to Southeastern Illinois College (at her professor’s request.)  The painting, which has about one-half bunch of grapes that are the size of basketballs, is now part of the permanent art collection of the college and hangs in the hallway. This is the painting was also shown at the Mitchell Museum in Mt. Vernon, Illinois

She has won numerous awards, such as blue ribbons at the Saline County Fair, Best of Show at Ridgeway Popcorn Days and Equality Salt Festival, and many blue ribbons at different places. Joan was given, Best of The Class and Best of the Show for a photo of her late husband, Earl at the Du Quoin State Fair and the same photo was picked to travel to Disney Land for a special exhibition. She won first place in a competition for a painting of Burnett’s Bank in Eldorado, Illinois, determined by popular vote. Another one of her painting is titled “Les Pepper” and it was selected to be shown for the “Celebrate Southern Illinois” exhibit at John A. Logan. The same painting was also chosen to be in the traveling exhibit to be shown throughout the state. She placed third in 2003 in the mixed media art show of over 125 entries at the John A. Logan Spring Show, for a painting in acrylic of rocks. She placed second in 2004 mixed media art show of over 115 entries at John A. Logan Spring Show, for a water color of Turning Bell Peppers.

Gallery representation: The Aspen Gallery, Arizona, White Dove, Arizona, Art Lovers Trading Company in Carbondale, Illinois and on line with Boundless Gallery, Carbondale, Illinois, at: She also has her own web page at:

This busy lady has more interests than her artistic work, however. Before she and her late husband moved here following his retirement from the Skokie Fire Department, she gained considerable renown for her work on the subject of diet as a control for hyperactive and/or learning disabled children. She formed a statewide group to help other parents of disabled children, and this became part of a network across the United States.  In connection with this work, she appeared on the Phil Donahue show twice and on the Lee Phillips Television Show in Chicago as well as a few Chicago radio shows. She has lectured extensively on the subject. It is estimated that she reached 80 million people during her work in this field. Following her first appearance on the Donahue show she received 35,000 letters.

Joan still loves to bake probably due to cooking and baking all naturally for her son Russell. A few years ago in a borrowed kitchen at Pierce Hospital in Eldorado, IL, she made and baked an eight-pound loaf of challah, Jewish egg bread. By the way, this large loaf took the same amount of time to bake as her regular-sized loaf of bread. When it came out of the oven and while still warm, it was torn apart and put on the patient’s dinner trays that day and the rest was devoured by the kitchen staff with butter, cream cheese and jam, which, she says, all happened to be natural.

Joan now does in client home computer tutoring as a sideline business. She lately added another overwhelming task to her history of: writing a legal brief to assist her now totally disabled son.  The Appellate Court in Chicago accepted the brief.  Many people helped her, and she will be eternally grateful, especially Harris Mosley at the John A. Logan’s writing center.

Group Shows:
The Mitchell Museum in Mt. Vernon, IL, 1982
“Celebrate Southern Illinois” exhibit at John A. Logan College, Carterville, IL 1983
Tenth Biennial Arts in Celebration Exhibition ‘Looking at Southern Illinois’, Fanner Hall Museum, SIU, Carbondale, IL, 2006

One woman exhibitions at:
Longbranch Coffee House in Carbondale, IL, 2004
Mungo’s Jerry’s Coffee House in Murphysboro, IL, 2005
The Buzz in Benton, IL, 2005
Common Grounds Coffee House, Carbondale, IL 2006
Dunn Richmond Center, SIU Carbondale, IL, March and April, 2006
Longbranch Coffeehouse, Carbondale, IL, 2006
Perk Place Coffee House, West Frankfort, IL,2006
Carbondale Civic Center, Carbondale, IL, 2006
Southeastern Illinois College, Harrisburg, IL,2006/2007
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL. The University Museum, Faner Hall, Art Atrium, August 20 through October 26, 2007. Reception September 7th – 4- 7 with piano by Mary Ann Barnett.


Shipping and insurance is included.
Money Order or personal check will
be accepted.  I will wait till check
clears before shipping

 ...........Contact information


 ......    Phone  618-937-3070 ......If you would like to contact Joan, by eMail. Please click on the little boy!

From,   Tony Johansen

"I think your art is like your personality - direct, to the point, friendly, all good stuff."

Hope your day is wonderful Tony

I believe that your work is strong, inventive, and vibrant. It seems you take pleasure in those large images of bright colored objects...which could be "fruit" or "vegetables."  Your works are more than illustrative as they are painterly and personal...that is a big difference.

Professor Michael David Elvestrom.

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